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The intensive focus of a workshop will answer questions you didn’t even know you had. Building strength and flexibility isn’t just physical—focusing on yoga in a workshop setting shifts your awareness, training you to sustain a yogic perspective on and off the mat.

Backbending Club  

Location #1

Calgary Hot Yoga, Calgary - 4 week commitment

Dates: November 17 & 24 - December 1 & 8 at 2pm

Location #2

Yoga Nova Studio, Calgary - 2 week commitment

Dates: December 7 & 14th at 1:30pm

Location #2

Alchemy Yoga, Cochrane - 2 week commitment

Dates: December 7 & 14th at 4pm


My life has become exponentially more satisfying, joyful and present in correlation with the work I have completed to increase the range of motion in all of the joints required to backward bend. 

This is a warm class that will focus on balancing the strength and flexibility of your spine. You will be challenged mentally and physically, perhaps emotionally with a glimpse of spirituality. 

There will be personal attention and good energy with good music. This class is accessible for ALL LEVELS. You will start where you are with what you have and progress forward. You will leave feeling in touch with yourself and confident to continue the work in your own home. If you are interested in self-healing - this is where you need to be.

commitment to series required.

Healing Immersive 

Dates: November 19th-23rd

Location: Found City Yoga, Victoria BC

Description:  Knowledge happens through experience. A week of events for all levels that will inspire and educate.

November 19th at 9am

e84 hatha yoga class

November 20th at 4pm

26/2 hatha yoga class

November 21st at 6pm

e84 hatha yoga class

November 22nd at 4pm

Pranayama - Energy control workshop

November 22nd at 6pm

the 84 - a 2 hour hatha yoga class

November 23rd at 11:30am

the 84 - a 4 hour hatha yoga workshop 

the 84 Hatha yoga class

Date: December 5th at 7:30 pm

Location: Alchemy Yoga, Cochrane Alberta

Description:  The 26&2 yoga sequence was derived from a larger sequence of over 84 postures taught by Bishnu Ghosh and his disciples from Calcutta India. 

It is a 120 minutes therapeutic Hatha yoga class that prepares an individual for mediation, oxygenates all of the body's organs and muscles, and restores and preserves the proper functioning of all of the body's systems. 84 is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions.

Numerologically it is a metaphor that represents mastery of the Self, and the development of high yogic consciousness, with a physical practice.


Everyone is always welcome