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Beth Davis 


First received certification to lead Bikram yoga classes in Fall 2011.  She then continued her studies under Esak Garcia and graduated in his first e84 teacher training in June 2019. e84 Teacher Training is a 2-year program designed to provide a sophisticated understanding of yoga as a way of being and as a practice.  This teacher training aims to empower leaders in the hatha yoga tradition of 84 asanas and in the hot yoga tradition of 26&2.  Lead by Esak Garcia, Beth studied The 84 Class, known as the ‘advanced class’, as well as how to teach The e84 Intermediate Class that bridges the gap between the 26&2 and The 84 Class. 
Beth’s teachings are a culmination of almost 40 years of reading, study, research, practice and inner search. Each of her teachers have stimulated new thought patterns that irreversibly helped her change her perceptions of herself and humanity. “I know this physical realm is a small part of an even greater reality and I believe we have infinitely more control over our realities than is immediately apparent.  I do what I love and I love what I do.”  Beth is deeply grateful for the inspiration and insight which stimulates her creativity every day, both on and off her mat.

When I taught my first yoga class, it struck me how I was completely overcome with the "fight, flight, freeze" response. Ever since my shaky beginning in December of 2011, I've been completely absorbed in the extraordinary complexity of pretty much everything that goes into teaching yoga, from the subtle vibratory level to the greater, grosser world that surrounds us. 

Each student/group of students I've taught has been magnificently diverse. There is visible, audible, spirited diversity in my students that keeps me present and devoted to this practice. I believe that there are as many "right" ways to do any yoga posture as there are bodies on the planet. 

I have noticed that the students I work with have found great advancement by studying the nuances of yoga postures. I believe that we can use our physical and mental bodies to access something so much greater. 


"I recommend Beth's kindness and generosity in transferring her knowledge..... You just need to be willing to receive. That's the main requirement, the rest will come with practice."


Catalina Ramirez

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